Weather in Saudi Arabia

The weather in Saudi Arabia is largely dictated by its location and terrain. The major portion of the Arabian Peninsula consists of Saudi Arabia. It is quite a big country, where most of area is filled with desert. It can be observed that the weather in Saudi Arabia is more or less uniform throughout the Kingdom, barring a few places. We have seen that most of Arabia is desert, with very little rainfall. Areas with mountainous regions have lower temperatures, which produces some amounts of rainfall. The entire plateau is made up of slightly elevated area, which slopes from the west to the east. Along the southern coast there is a narrow coastal plain along the Arabian Sea. The southern part of Saudi Arabia bordering the mountains along Yemen and Oman experience a slight rainfall between May and October.

The weather in Saudi Arabia, barring the mountain regions, is extremely hot, especially between May and September. The days are exceptionally humid, but the nights are really pleasant. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia during summers, then it is better to equip yourself with light, cotton clothes. The higher mountain reaches as well as the interior of Saudi Arabia experiences extremely severe winters and you may even experience frost and snow sometimes. The nights in the deserts are definitely chilly and can be truly disturbing. Hence, if you are considering visiting Saudi Arabia during winters, it is better to carry warm clothing such as shawls, woolen caps, gloves, socks and sweaters to protect yourself during the chilly nights.

The weather in Saudi Arabia will make you enjoy 6-8 hours of sunshine every day in winter, but summers can be a scorching 12-13 hours of persistent sunshine. The areas near the hills facing the Arabian Sea enjoy cloudy weather from June to September with drizzles and light rains, which are a regular feature here.  Except for the Asir province and surrounding areas, most of Saudi Arabia is well known for its desert weather and climatic conditions. It is extremely hot during the daytime with a rapid drop in temperatures at night. At times, the weather in Saudi Arabia can be rather unpredictable with occasional rainfall. The desert region is not only famous for its dry and hot weather, but also for its desert storms. The storms can be a real challenge as the storms may, sometimes, last for days.

The weather in Saudi Arabia, especially in the interior regions at night, can be extremely cold even during summers.  The weather in Saudi Arabia may reach to absurd extremes – while some areas may record a summer temperature of 55°C, some of the places in winter may plunge to 30°C. Though you do not have much rain in most of Saudi Arabia, sometimes sudden downpours can lead to flash floods in certain regions.

Many people who settle in the country find it difficult to adjust to the varying weather conditions. But most of the people adapt themselves to the changing climatic conditions and start liking it. Visitors to this area should come adequately prepared for the weather in Saudi Arabia, including the hot and humid conditions prevailing between May and October.