Saudi Arabia Attractions

Saudi Arabia, for many centuries have been considered as a forbidden city. Today, tourists can visit some cities. Upon full compliance of Saudi Arabia’s tourist requirements and guidelines, you can enjoy to experience the mystery beneath Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the major tourist attractions and destinations in Saudi Arabia:
Kingdom Center, Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology, Kabba, Al-masjid al-Haram, Black Stone, Media House, Al Musak Castle, Al Murabba’s Palace, Riyadh Zoo

KabbaThe Al-Masjid al-Haram is considered one of the most popular tourist attractions in Saud Arabia. This is where the largest mosque in the world can be found. This is where prayers are offered upon the completion of a pilgrimage. The Kaaba can be found in Al Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. It is a cubical formation or structure where worshipers perform their prayers while the Black Stone is one of the cornerstones of the Kaaba.

When visiting Saudi Arabia, one should also try to visit the Riyadh Zoo which houses a large selection of wildlife. This zoo is often visited by families who want their children to witness the many beautiful plant and animal species that are featured in the zoo.

The Kingdom Center which can be found at the center of Riyadh is an outstanding tourist venue. It is the tallest building in Saudi Arabia. It has an elliptical design which makes it eye-catching. The Kingdom Center is owned by a Saudi prince. The building houses almost two hundred stores and several luxury shops and international restaurants.

Another must visit places are the Riyadh Museum of History and Archaeology, Al Musmal Castle, Al Murabba’s Palace, and the City of Old Diryah which can all be found in Riyadh. Most of these places are open during weekdays and admission is for free. Visiting these tourist spots that are rich with Saudi Arabia culture will give one a general idea of how life in Saudi Arabia goes about. Being able to visit Saudi Arabia and its many tourist destinations can be considered a chance of a lifetime. Saudi Arabia is host to the holiest places in the religion of Islam.

With the high regard for traditionalism and the balance of modern features within their key cities, a Saudi Arabia visit can be an eye opening experience.

Tours and travel packages within various key cities within Saudi Arabia are offered by various travel agents and travel agencies that offer their services online. Find out which cities you would be interested in visiting. These travel agents are willing to help you and guide you your way towards the details of the plans of your visit. Availing of travel agency services may also allow you save a lot of time on research and a lot of money. There are many promotional packages that travel agencies offer for time to time. Find out what type of promo activity plan they have currently. Compare prices between offers of other travel agencies.

Saudi Arabia is a wealthy and progressive country that is rich with tradition and culture. When planning to visit Saudi Arabia, find out what are included in the list of tourist compliance and accomplish the required materials as soon as possible.