Saudi Arabia Tourism

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was always a mystery for a very long time till Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the Secretary General of the Tourism Higher Authority stressed the need for development of the Kingdom’s tourist portfolio. It was this boost by Saudi Arabia tourism that many western tourists have decided to holiday in Saudi Arabia.

One of factors detrimental to Saudi Arabia tourism is the climate of Saudi Arabia. The extremely hot climate with intense temperatures and humidity is a deterrent to tourists which is the reason that the summer months has a very low inflow of tourists. The best time to travel to Saudi Arabia is during the winter months of November and February.

After oil and petroleum exports, the next major source of revenue is Saudi Arabia Tourism. Tourists should travel to Saudi Arabia during the festival months and join the Saudi Arabia Festivals and Events.  Saudi Arabia Accommodation and Transportation in Saudi Arabia have been specially set up for the benefit of the tourists.  Here are a few places which are a must see for tourists:
Riyadh – It is the most important destination of Saudi Arabia tourism. You can see the Al Douh Par, Al Faisalliyah Center, Al Musmak Castle, al Murabba’s Historical Palace, Wadi Al Jafeir, Riyadh National Zoo, Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque, King Abdul Aziz Mosque at Al Khari and Al Kharmah.
Jeddah – You can visit the Makkah Gate, King Fahad Water Spring, Jeddah Corniche, Eve Cave, Durrat Al Arus, Al Handasa Square, and the Red Sea,
Jubail – This is yet another important destination of Saudi Arabia tourism. You can see the largest industrial city in the kingdom which has the petrochemical industries, the Naval Base, the desalination plant, the Picnic Zone and the Al Batwah Island.
Mecca – The city is forbidden to non-Muslims, but if you are Muslim do visit the Masjid Al Haram, Al Masjid Al Nawabi, the Kaaba, Mina, Muzdalifah, Arafat, Mt. Namira, and the Mount of Mercy.
Medina – The city is also forbidden to non-Muslims, but if you are Muslim do visit the Al Masjid Al Nawabi, The Prophet’s Mosque, the Prophet’s Grave, Quba Mosque, and the Plains of Badar.
Taif – This is yet another important destination of Saudi Arabia tourism and is also known as the Garden of the Hejaz where you have the Gardens of Taif, the Souqs, Shopping Malls and Boutiques.
Yanbu – The traditional name of Yanbu is ‘spring by the sea’, where you can see oil refineries, Port, Naval Base, desalination plant and the various gardens.
Dammam – You can visit Al Khobar and Dhahran. See the Corniche, the Beaches, open air art works, and Dammam National Museum in Dammam, all of which form a very important component of Saudi Arabia tourism.

There are still many things for you to do.
• You can go scuba diving in the Red Sea and can also have a view of some the best marine sights.
• Visit the Heritage Village near the Dammam Corniche which has on display ancient Islamic artefacts. There is a restaurant with various room, each room representing a different region and with the matching décor.
• Visit Riyadh during the months of April and May and you will be able to watch the annual King’s camel race. Over 2000 camels participate in a race with a 14 mile circuit.
• Go hire a Quad bike and enjoy racing on the sand dunes in Riyadh’s desert area. You will enjoy the experience.
• Get yourself invited to a friend’s or acquaintance’s house and sample the traditional cuisine of Saudi Arabia. You could also go to a good restaurant where they serve traditional ethnic food.

You can do all of these fun filled activities, in addition to enjoying the traditional food in order to experience the real essence of Saudi Arabia tourism.