Designer Watches NZ

Watch is a kind of accessory that one cannot do without, considered to be one of the top most accessories this little time piece comes in a wide range of choices from large to tiny designs and from high end fancy designer watches to even low budget second hand collections.

New Zealand has a large variety of watches that is provided by various stores and brands. When we think about watches, it is usually the top brands that come to mind, like Casio, Adidas, Citizen, DKNY, Fossil, Guess, Seiko, Timex, Tissot and much more. The first store that comes to mind is Christies Jewellery which is a franchised jewelry chain that has been operating for over 20 years now. They offer a unique range of watches which is also considered to be the largest collection and all these are usually available at an unbeatable price range. Apart from their online store, Christies also has 4 stores located in major shopping malls all over New Zealand. If you are looking for cheap imported watches, you will not find them at Christies because here you can be assured that the NZ watch you select will come with a genuine New Zealand guarantee for your peace of mind.

Michael Hill is another brand that you should look out for, they make some of the most elegant and classy ranges of watches which is nothing compared to any other brand.  Their watch collection is a part of what makes them truly unique. The Michael Hill story goes back six generations to a family of watch makers and each collection continues to tell a story in its own unique way. Michael Hill watches are handmade, uniquely designed and mainly intended to mark the special moments in your life. They also have a wonderful team of experts who can help you choose the watch best suited for your lifestyle. Their wide range of collections are a unique blend of innovation, expertise and timeless design, all of which combined together give you an experience like none other.

Magrette timepieces are another collection of watches that are strong, robust and made especially for everyday wear. Their designs are based on classic modern and they only make few pieces at a time which means each of their collections turn out to be limited editions. They use only mechanical movements for their watches and have been known to create excellent value and quality timepieces for their customers.

Another interesting choice for the people of New Zealand is the Watch Doctor, who began in 1997 and was founded on the belief that they would be able to offer quality products and services at affordable prices. The Watch Doctor has a history of watch repair and clock servicing and they also specialize in the ability to locate from the best quality workmanship from around the world. Every product purchased from them comes with a 2 year warranty.

Apart from these stores here are a few more places that you could check out if you want to shop for a classy or sporty watch – Bodying, Pascoes, Price Me, Watches Online and NZ Watches.