Diamond Jewellery New Zealand

Marriage happens in everybody’s life once in a lifetime. It is the dream of every bride to look the best in her marriage and there can be nothing like diamond jewellery. It won’t be wrong to call New Zealand the hub of diamond jewellery since the place is flooded with various jewellery shops with various concepts and designs.

One of the oldest diamond jewellers in New Zealand is Quasar diamonds & Jewellery, owned by NZGT Ltd. A leading supplier of diamonds to jewellers throughout New Zealand and Australia since 1979, their speciality lies in the beautiful range of engagement rings. Dalgleish Diamond Jewellers are a manufacturing jewellery store that not only offers affordable luxury to quality minded customers but also are the exclusive retailers of International brands like Pandora, Thomas Sabo, Michel Herbelin, Seiko, Swarovski, Bering and Ice Watch. Meanwhile, Heards Jewellers, who claim to have a talent of transforming ideas into reality are specialised in creating unique jewellery pieces for their clients.

The best diamond jewellery can be bought only by a person who has knowledge in diamond cuts and its shapes. Getting beautiful diamond jewellery in New Zealand is very easy but it is very important to know which one has excellent cut, very good cut, good cut, fair cut or poor cut. The most common diamond shape found in the New Zealand market is the round shape. Due to its shape, it can fit into any design that you want. Diamond jewellery with round shape diamond is very common to be found in New Zealand. Then there is the heart shaped cut, which is the most romantic one. But due to the popularity of this cut of diamond, it is not always available in the New Zealand market.

The classiest one is considered the princess cut diamond, which is second most popular diamond cut in the New Zealand market. The jewellery with princess cut is the best one to flaunt among the other women. And when the princess cut diamond is given a diagonally cut corners, it’s called the emerald shape. When emerald cut and the round cut is combined together, radiant shape diamond is formed which again is very popular in New Zealand market.

The most limited demand is for the pear shaped diamond that appears larger than its actual weight. This shape is mostly used in pendants and rings. For a very simple diamond jewellery pear shape is the best one. Marquise shape diamond is another little-famous stone in the New Zealand market and is said to be gaining the popularity slowly. Similar to round shaped diamond, there are oval cuts that are not just very common but very much the preferred kind of shape among the diamond lovers. A simple pendant, ring or even ear ring of oval shape can give add a charm to the one wearing it

There are many other diamond jewellers that offer you custom made diamond jewellery as per your budget can be approached in a unique and different diamond jewellery.