Furniture New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the least populated countries in the world. This low population can be due to the relatively large distance of New Zealand from the rest of the world with the sole exception of Australia. With Asia being the closest other continent to the island-country, a growing Asian population has started to emerge in the area, which also results in the arrival of Asian goods, which affects the New Zealand furniture market too. In our article, we will explore the industry and largest company of furniture in New Zealand.

Besides having only around 5 million people as an overall population, New Zealand is a well-developed country with an outstanding natural gift having high mountain ranges and large forests with a unique flora and fauna. As for its furniture industry, the large majority of New Zealand furniture is made of wood. The main wood used to make furniture for a long time as a specy of timber, which is called Rimu. However, due to natural protective reasons, in 2002, the government of New Zealand has banned the cutting of Rimu timber and the market is looking for alternate methods to replace Rimu with other sorts of woods. Regardless of this, pinewood is still a popular choice for furniture makers, besides New Zealand exports timber and oak and teak from Asian countries predominantly. Apart from wood, Asian countries have started to export their cheaper sort of furniture in New Zealand that has affected the local furniture companies negatively; therefore, New Zealand is creating extra taxes for such furniture to make their price higher than homemade products. Import furniture arriving from Europe and mainly from the United Kingdom is very popular in the country, which is still partly under the governance of Great Britain, being a long time colony of the former British Kingdom.

New Zealand furniture-making is governed by the Furniture & Cabinet Making Association. Apart from encountering problems with wood supply, New Zealand is the exporter of veneers, upholstery, polished and manufactured furniture and puts high efforts in providing training of furniture making.

Let us enlist a couple of furniture brands that are the biggest in New Zealand:

• Big Save Furniture: This is the largest discount furniture chain of New Zealand with multiple stores in each city.
• FurnitureToGo: One of the biggest furniture store chains offering around 10 different brands.
• Forlongs offers contemporary and office furniture countrywide.
• Target Furniture Hypermart: IKEA style furniture concepts make this brand trendy.
• Freedom Furniture: Dealing with furniture, home appliances and homeware, Freedom is a great range that is popular all over the country.
• Furniture City: With all sorts of furniture and homeware, this large store has good prices and classic style.

Specialised furniture stores are also fashionable in New Zealand. The most popular specialised stores include the following brands:

• European Antiques and Furnishings Ltd offers a great range of European antique furniture.
• DOMO Furniture Concepts offers a great range of the most expensive European furniture brands.

New Zealand has plenty of popular furniture stores as you can see and each one creating a good deal for themselves due to the difference between their offers. If you are interested in buying furniture in New Zealand, check out these brands first.