Vivo City

Vivo City is the largest shopping mall of Singapore and it is one of the most popular destination of the city, not only for its size and great seaside location, but also because of the great deal of stores house inside. Let us check out Vivo City this time which serves not only a great shopping mall for Singapore but it is also a renowned entertainment district of the city.

Vivo City is situated on the wholly renovated Marina seaside just facing Sentosa Island, the top holiday spot for all locals. The great situation definitely helps the huge shopping mall to be popular to visit by families and tourists all the same. The huge building’s architecture reminds us to the waves of the sea and this way it blends in perfectly with its environment. The designer of the building is the famous Japanese architect Toyo Ito. The target of the shopping mall is to provide visitors not only with a shopping destination but also with a full lifestyle destination. The inside and the outside of Vivo City have beautiful parks and playgrounds and provides with a great array of entertainment possibilities. There is always something going on at Vivo City with lots of temporary programs and with great shows in its rooftop amphitheatre, where visitor can enjoy spectacles all day long. A popular program includes a mini-train ride for parents and children alike, around Vivo City. Vivo City is also very close to the route and the harbour of the ferries going to Sentosa Island therefore its often a stop for those going to or arriving from the fantastic island.

The unique stores of Vivo City include a flagship National Geographic concept store, Kiss Jane, which is the biggest blog shop of Singapore, Avenue Kids that sells toys and apparel for kids, Lowrys Farm which is a unique lifestyle store. Lots of kids’ toy stores, family stores, department stores such as the world famous Brooks Brothers and label stores such as Esprit and Armani Exchange. You will find an extreme range of beauty and cosmetics stores here, also electronics stores in high numbers. The shopping mall tries its best to have no specialisation, therefore you can find here stores of all sort. The three main entertainment zones of Vivo City include Golden Village Multiplex Cinema centre, Party World KTV and Timezone where you can find dozens of computer games for every age group. The biggest food court of the mall can be found at Food Republic where more than 30 stalls serving different sorts of fast food wait for the hungry customers. The Kopitiam/Banquet food court is rather a collection of more elegant eateries serving specialties of international cuisine.

Apart from all the shopping and entertainment possibilities at Vivo City, art lovers can enjoy seeing various sorts of art pieces exhibited at various areas of the huge shopping mall. Thinking of the huge size, Vivo City is convenient to walk through with enough resting places provided at every area.
Do not miss visiting Vivo City; this great entertainment and shopping destination where there is entertainment for everyone. Vivo City is the easiest to reach from Harbourfront MRT Station where there is a direct link-way, leading to the large mall.