Shrao’s Island

Qatar is a modern and dynamic country located in the Arabian Gulf. The country is endowed with abundant natural wealth in the form of oil reserves. The export of oil accounts for 80% of their income which makes Qatar an extremely rich nation. The country has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Qatar is surrounded by tiny islands and Shrao’s Island is one of such islands. The other islands are Haloul Island, Ishat Island, Alia Island, and Al Saflia Island.

Shrao’s Island is an island that lies quite close to the mainland of Qatar. It just takes three hours by a speed boat to reach the island from Doha. It lies to the northeast of Ishat Island at a distance of 48 kilometeres away from it. Most of the tourists who visit Doha also make a visit to Shrao’s Island. The proximity of the island to Doha coupled with the exotic location and climate make it an ideal tourist destination. The beautiful island has a scenic environment everywhere which attracts tourist and locals alike.

People who visit the Shrao’s Island express pleasure in having visited the place. They feel revived and rejuvenated after their brief sojourn here. The island is a natural abode for a number of seabirds. The turtles have made the sandy beaches of Shrao’s Island their breeding grounds.